Cycle to Syracuse commemorates the upcoming 30th anniversary since the Lockerbie air disaster. Dumfries based mental health charity, Soul Soup is proud to have been chosen to work with both the organisers and Lockerbie Academy on a valuable new community project.

Cycle to Syracuse is a three-part cycling event covering 3,238 miles and spanning three stages. The event seeks to remember those lost in the disaster and raise enough funds and awareness for Soul Soup to put in place a trained Soul Soup Counsellor at the Lockerbie Academy accessible to pupils and local young people.

A team of five cyclists will form the core group for the historic event aiming to complete the journey on behalf of those who could not, the team comprising of;

Brian Asher – Head Teacher, Lockerbie Academy

Colin Dorrance – Police Scotland and Lockerbie Resident

Paul Rae – Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Lockerbie Resident

David Walpole – Scottish Ambulance Service, Lockerbie

David Whalley – RAF Mountain Rescue Service (1988 at Lockerbie)

Linda McLachlan, Managing Director of Soul Soup stated, “We feel extremely privileged to be working with the Lockerbie Academy in providing a safe place for young people to explore life challenges and emotional well-being.

“It seems particularly poignant that many of the passengers were young people with their lives in front of them and we hope that this partnership will help honour the memory of the air disaster and work towards putting in place a positive mental health resource for young people in the Lockerbie area.”

Donations to commemorate the 259-people lost on the 21st December 1988 and fund this worthy community counselling facility can be made at;

Key dates for the event: -

Stage 1 – Pupil Power (7th September to 10th October 2018)

Stage 2 - The Cairn to the Castle (Saturday 13th October 2018)

Stage 3 - SU600 (Friday 26th October to Thursday 1st November 2018)

More detailed information can be found on the Cycle to Syracuse site at;


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