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  • Scottish Mental Health First Aid – Young People

  • Child Development and Attachment

  • Understanding self-harm

  • Understanding children who internalise trauma

Scottish Mental Health First Aid (Young People)

SMHFA: YP is a 14-hour blended course, delivered in three parts:

Part 1: Online self-study module: 3 hours Understanding the context for mental health first aid for young people

Part 2: Face to face training: 7 hours Developing the skills to apply mental health first aid with young people

Part 3: Online self-study module: 4 hours Deepening understanding of mental health problems and young people

The course does not train people to be mental health workers or counsellors. It offers basic, general information about mental health problems. It helps to remove stigma and fear around mental health and gives participants confidence in approaching a young person in distress. It also aims to show how mental health first aid can be applied in a crisis situation involving a range of common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide and substance misuse. A Certificate is awarded by NHS Health Scotland on completion of the course. More details about the course can be found at: 

Child Development and Attachment

This is a one day course and includes: The nature of attachment; The brain and attachment theories; Attachment styles; Attachment, emotions and learning; Attachment and relationships; Attachment in our professional relationships with young people; Risk factors affecting attachment and vulnerable groups; Future relationship styles.

Understanding Self Harm

This is a one day course and includes: Terminology; The nature and extent of self-harm; Risk factors; Possible causes of self-harm; Identifying self-harming behaviours; Responding to selfharm; Damage limitation; Alternative coping strategies.

This course is open to anyone, but will be particularly relevant to practitioners working with children and young people in any context

Understanding Children who Internalise Trauma

This is a half day course (4 hours) that will include: how we make sense of the world; the impact of trauma; children’s responses to trauma; processing trauma; barriers to accessing help and support; recognising, supporting and communicating effectively with children and young people when they need you most. 

​These courses are delivered as open courses (request a copy of our prospectus) or we can deliver any of

the above courses to an existing group at any location in the UK.

We also offer a bespoke training service where we can deliver training to meet your organisation’s needs.


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