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Soul Soup is proud to have received funding to extend our existing free young person counselling service to include family support and counselling.

What will the service offer?

The Soul Soup Family Counselling aims to work with young people and their families to explore these important close relationships and work towards improved communication and understanding of each other’s thoughts and emotions in a non-judgemental neutral setting. The service sometimes offers a mixture of individual and family appointments as required.

We appreciate that family life isn’t always easy and sometimes communications can breakdown for a multitude of reasons

Who is this service for?

Soul Soup offer individual counselling for 12-25 year olds, the new Family Counselling Service is intended to extend this service to the young person’s family members.


By family we mean any group of people who describe themselves as a family. This can be parents, sibling groups, extended family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. or blended families.

When is family counselling helpful?

Our highly experienced, professional counsellors work closely with each family and can support several areas such as:

  • When communication between parents and children breaks down.

  • To support family members facing challenges and the impact it may have on their lives and relationships.

  •  When parents want to divorce or part company and wish to focus on their children’s needs and feelings.

  • To explore differences in parenting styles, when each parent may have different ideas and practices that is causing friction at home.

  • To work with siblings who have unresolved issues affecting their relationships as children or adults.

  • Working to bring together blended families and how to cope with differences in discipline and expectations into a ‘new’ family.

We are accepting professional and personal referrals for this FREE service.

To find out more please email us for a referral form and we will be in touch.

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01387 266667 (please note this line is not manned 24/7)

07387 874201 (Text)

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