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COSCA certificate in Counselling skills 


The Certificate is designed for those who work or aspire to work in health and social care or other related fields, or for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in increasing their knowledge of active listening through self-awareness and personal development.



  • The course consists of four modules, each 30-hours in duration.

  • Modules may be studied as standalone modules, although each must be undertaken sequentially.

  • On successful completion of all four modules, you will be awarded the Certificate in Counselling Skills and you will be eligible to apply to become a Counselling Skills Member of COSCA.

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Module One

Beginnings –

Advanced Communication Skills

1. Introduction to the

counselling approach

2. Attending and responding

3. Acceptance, genuineness

and empathy

4. Ethics and confidentiality

Module Two

Exploration and Expansion

1. Beginnings, middles

and endings

2. Ethical boundaries

3. Attachment and loss

4. Sexuality and diversity

5. Self awareness, personal motives and values

Module Three

Review and Reflection

1. Self-reflection

2. Theoretical perspectives

3. The significance of

past experiences

4. Relationships

5. Vulnerability and power

6. Spirituality

Module Four


1. Gestalt and Transactional Analysis perspectives

2. Ethics: Boundaries and listeners’ responsibilities

3. Social inclusion, exclusion

and belonging


5. Professional responsibilities


module one

module two

module three

module four

Tuesday the 28th May 2019 to the 13th August 2019 inclusive  18:00 - 21:00 

Tuesday the 27th August 2019 - Tuesday 12th of November inclusive. 18:00 - 21.00

Tuesday the 26th of November 2019 -Tuesday 04th February 2020 inclusive
18:00 - 21:00


Tuesday 28th Febrary 2020 - Tuesday 28th April 2020 inclusive 18.00 - 21.00

COURSE Almost FULL - bookings taken for  this cohort limited. Early Bookings now being taken also for late 2019/20