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free professional Counselling, and support for young people facing emotional distress and difficulties with THEIR MENTAL health and wellbeing

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Agencies which can provide help and support

  • SupportLine Telephone Helpline: Emotional support and information on counsellors and support groups throughout UK.
    Tel: 01708 765200 Email:
  • International Stress Management Association: To provide information about all aspects of stress management. Also run conferences and workshops.
  • Stress Management Society: Information, advice on stress management, workshops
    0203 142 8650 Web:

Useful Websites

  • - Click on Departments at top of page and scroll down to: Mindfulness and Relaxation Centre at Beaumont Hospital - relaxation and mindfulness training are helpful for managing stress as well as helping people cope with physical illness and ongoing medical treatment. (with thanks to the Psychology Department at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin)
  • – put Stress in the search bar on home page
  • – information and resources relating to stress
    Put Stress in search bar at top of page
    Information relating to mental health, depression, stress and anxiety
  • - Click on 'medical conditions', click on 'mental health' then Stress for general information and also Stress Self Help Guide

Counselling & Support

Counselling is completely confidential so you can feel safe to come and talk about what is bothering you.

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Child Sexual Exploitation

The Lotus Project is a new project that is dedicated to tackling sexual exploitation in our region.

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Drop ins

Drop-ins are open to anyone aged 12 to 25 who would like to talk to a support worker.

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Social Media

You can contact us and find out more at our Facebook and Twitter sites.

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Get Involved

Find out what you can do to fundraise or volunteer for Soul Soup.

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Useful Info

Here you can find useful documents and information on a variety of subjects.

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