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free professional Counselling, and support for young people facing emotional distress and difficulties with THEIR MENTAL health and wellbeing

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Agencies which provide information and support

  • Child Maintenance Options: Find out about child maintenance options and making the arrangement best suited to your circumstances.
    0800 988 0988 Web:
  • SupportLine: Provides emotional support and details of counsellors, support groups, agencies throughout the UK.
    01708 765200 Email:
  • Aquila: Offers help and hope to those suffering pain from broken relationships through its confidential self-help courses facilitated by a group of trained men and women who have all experienced broken relationships or divorce. Approx £40 for 8 weeks course (maybe some concessions if on benefits)
    07807 058479 Web:
  • Association of Separated & Divorced Catholics: Support organisation to help individuals cope with the distress of marital breakdown and its aftermath. 90 groups nationwide. Each group has a chaplain and close dialogue with bishops and priests is a vital role of the association. Through prayer, discussion days of reflection and social events, members try to adjust to their new state.
  • The Association for Shared Parenting: Exists to promote the rights of children to the nurture of both parents after separation or divorce. Support and advice to fathers and mothers who are worried about the welfare of their children after separation or divorce. Most commonly advice surrounding issues central to family law, parental responsibility, contact, residence, Children Act etc.
    03333 442001 Web:
  • Care For the Family: Aims to promote strong family life and to help those hurting because of family breakdown. Can also put single parents in touch with other single parents, arrange family breaks, penpal scheme, day and weekend events etc.
    02920 810800 Web:
  • CCHF All About Kids: Provision of holidays and breaks for children and young people 7-12 years, from London and surrounding areas who are severely disadvantaged to help improve the quality of life, recognize their potential and achieve heir goals.
    01273 847770 Web:
  • Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA): Informal fellowship of men and women. Self help groups using 12-step programme to improve relationships for people of all backgrounds with a common interest in working through the problems that co-dependency has caused in their lives.
  • Contact a Family: Charity providing support and advice to parents caring for a disabled child or a child with specific health conditions. Make contact with other families who are in a similar situation to you.
    0808 808 3555 Web:
  • Cry-Sis Helpline: Helpline for parents or carers of excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies. Offers a listening service and suggestions about how to calm a baby, help it sleep better and generally help parents to cope. Does not give medical advice.
    08451 228 669 Web:
  • Divorce Recovery Workshops: UK nationwide self help group run by volunteers who have attended the workshop. Offers a secure environment for discussion, understanding of feelings and also provides a new circle of friends when the workshop ends.
    Tel: 0
    700 078 1889 Web:
  • Families Need Fathers: Explores ways to maintain a child's relationship with both parents following separation and divorce. Gives support to both men and women with contact and residence problems and to find ways to eliminate unnecessary and protracted legal conflict. Information on line, self help groups, membership £20.
    0300 0300 363 Web:
  • Family Holiday Association: Aim to improve the quality of family life for those parents and children who experience disadvantage by providing grants for holidays.
  • Family Rights Group: Helpline and other support services for parents and carers who have children in care or who are in contact with social services.
    0808 801 0366 Web:
  • Family Action: Assists families and individuals overcome the effects of poverty in tangible ways, providing practical, emotional and financial support. Running family and children's centres, community mental health residential and day care, Educational Grants Advisory Service.
    020 7254 6251 Web:
  • Family Lives: 24 hour helpline for anyone involved in caring for children including stepfamilies. Offers listening, support, information and guidance on all issues of concern. Parenting classes and workshops for parents to share ideas and learn new skills.
    0808 800 2222 Web:
  • Gingerbread National Office: Telephone advice, information and support for lone parents. Emotional support and listening service. Advice on rights ad responsibilities. Information on benefits, contact and residence, Child Support Act, housing, divorce, separation, solicitors, childcare. Network of local groups.
    0808 802 0925 Web:
  • Gingerbread Northern Ireland Advice Service:
    0808 808 8090 Web:
  • Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland: Support for grandparents apart from their grandchildren.
    0141 882 5658 Web:
  • Grandparents' Association: Helpline and other advice and support services for all grandparents, particularly those denied contact with their grandchildren or responsible for their upbringing. Support groups, grandparents and toddlers groups.
    0845 434 9585 Web:
  • Grandparents Plus: National charity which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children's lives - especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances.
    0300 123 7015 Web:
  • Home-start: Home-start runs schemes around the country providing support, friendship and practical help to families with children under five in their own homes.
  • Institute of Family Therapy (London based): Provides couple and family therapy service for those who are finding relationships problematic. Sliding scale of fees. Also family mediation service for couples who are separating or divorcing
    020 7391 9150 Web:
  • Marriage Care: Listening and information service for people facing difficulty in their marriages, families or close personal relationships. Also offers face to face relationship counselling throughout England and Wales and referrals to other services as appropriate.
    Appointments: 0800 389 3801
    National Office:
    020 7371 1341 Web:
  • Mothers Apart From Their Children (MATCH): Voluntary self help network for mothers separated from their children, informal local meetings, contact list etc. Send sae for information.
    BM Box No. 6334, 
    London WC1N 3XX 
  • National Family Mediation: Help couples make joint decisions about a range of issues with a particular focus on arrangements for children. Provides details of local services.
    0300 4000 636 Web:
  • National Federation of Solo Clubs: Provides social events for widowed, divorced and separated people and other single people at 64 clubs nationwide. Holidays, day trips, dances.
  • PANDAS: Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice and Support
    0843 2898401
  • Relateline: Helpline service for individuals and couples with relationship difficulties. Counselling and support service, information and referrals to the other 94 Relate centres throughout the UK and to other services as appropriate.
    For details about Phone and Online Counselling
    Tel: 0300 100 1234 Web: 
  • Reunite - International Child Abduction Centre: Advice and support/information for parents and families in cases of parental child abduction or in cases where abduction feared. Advice on prevention of abduction.
    01162 556 234 Web:
  • Revenge Porn Helpline: A free resource full of useful information for victims of revenge porn, information about what the law says, what can be done to limit its effects and help from organisations such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, along with links to various resources and support agencies.  In October 2014, The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling agreed an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill.
    "It shall be an offence for a person to publish a private sexual image of another identifiable person without their consent where this disclosure causes distress to the person who is the subject of the image."
    0845 6000 459 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
    Email: Web:
  • Spark - Making Relationships Work: Provide counselling to both couples and individuals as well as offering FOCCUS relationship inventory and workshops for young people and young parents.  Also provide youth counselling.
    Relationship Helpline:
    0808 802 2088
  • Sexual Advice Association: Helpline, advice, support and education for sufferers of sexual dysfunction and their partners. Provides up to date medical information on sexual dysfunction and treatments available.
    020 7486 7262 Web:
  • Single Parent Action Network (SPAN): Support for single parents across the UK and self help groups. To give a voice to one parent families living in poverty and isolation. To empower single parents to take control over their own life.
  • Young Minds: Helpline and other support services for parents concerned about the mental health of a baby, child or young person. Wide range of publications for young people, parents and professionals, issues include depression, bullying, self harm.
    0808 802 5544 Web:

Useful websites

  • - A resource for larger families with more than 4 children with lots of useful tips and advice.
    Online relationships and sex guide aimed at helping 16+ navigate relationship and sex issues as they go through and beyond cancer treatment.
  • – find out about your maintenance options and making the arrangement best suited to your circumstances.
  • - Advice, support and information for children, young people and adults relating to divorce
  • - collates and publicises international research on fathers, fatherhood and different approaches to engaging with fathers by public services and employers, helps shape national policies by ensuring a father inclusive approach to family policy.
  • – information and support around infertility issues, largest online community of UK infertility patients.
  • - Lots of tips and advice for bringing up healthy happy children.
  • - Lots of information about relationship breakdown and how to cope.
  • - Local network for mums with information and advice on being a mum with young children in your home town.
  • - Information on legal, financial and support
  • – advice and information for single parents.
  • - Organisation for lone fathers across the UK.  Offers advice, a forum for making contact, discounted holidays and clothes purchases, free legal and financial aid.
  • - On-line support for single mums includes free financial support, legal help, discounts and offers from retailers, forums for networking and making friends.
    Everything you wanted to know about building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • - your personal guide to finding relationship advice and support.
  • - Click Parenting on top bar - videos with lots of parenting tips including child development, illness, adoption and fostering, stepfamilies. 
  • - Click Love & Sex on top bar - includes videos on communication and conflict, infidelity, sex problems, marital problems, relationship breakdown.

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