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Rape Male and Female

Organisations Providing Information and Support

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority: In order to claim compensation the victim would have had to report the crime to Police and co-operated in the investigation e.g. by giving evidence or by helping police identify the suspect.
    Helpline 0300 003 3601 Web:
  • Dabs Pathfinder Service: Qualified counsellors available to help you find the help you need. This is not a telephone counselling service but a chance to talk over what sort of help or counselling would suit you best. Provides information on specialist help available in your area and how to choose the right counsellor for you.
    Tel: 07854 653118
  • Directory and Book Services (DABS): Books relating to survivors of abuse available by mail order. 69 Woodberry Way, Walton on Naze CO14 8EW.
    07854 653118 24hr answer phone helpline
  • Family Matters: Helpline and counselling for people of all ages who have experienced rape or childhood sexual abuse. (Counselling South East London, North East, North West and Mid Kent). 
    01474 537392 Web:
  • First Person Plural: UK wide survivor led association for survivors of trauma and abuse who experience dissociative distress, offers support and information to survivors, families and friends through a newsletter (subs £7/£10), optional contact list and meetings for survivors for members only.
    PO Box 2537, Wolverhampton WV4 4ZL Web:
  • The Havens: Service for anyone in London who has been raped or sexually assaulted (women, men, children). Centres staffed by specifically trained experienced professionals who give medical help and advice, counselling, practical emotional support, help with deciding whether to report crime to the Police, advice relating to pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease.
    There are three centres in London, at Whitechapel, Paddington and Camberwell.
    Tel: 020 3299 6900 Web:
  • Live Fear Free: 24hr support for victims of domestic violence and sexual violence.
    Tel: 0808 80 10 800 (Wales) Web:
  • Rape Crisis: See website for list of rape crisis centres. Also information and practical advice.
    0808 802 9999 Web:
  • RASA Centre: Helpline offering counselling information and support for all individuals who have been victims of sexual violence at any time in their lives. Face to face counselling in the Birkenhead, Liverpool, Sefton and West Wirral areas.
    0151 666 1392 Web:
  • Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre: Helpline support and information for survivors of rape or childhood sexual abuse through UK. Face to face counselling Croydon and surrounding areas.
     0808 802 9999 Web:
  • Respond: Helpline, counselling and psychotherapy for children, adults and elders with learning difficulties who are either victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse.
    Tel: 0808 808 0700 Web:
  • SafeLine: Help for female and male survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
    Helpline for women 0808 800 5008
    Helpline for Men 0808 800 5005
    Young Peoples Helpline 0808 800 5007  Web:
  • Victims Information Service:
    Telephone information line run by Victim Support directs people towards the most appropriate support available in their area. They can also provide information to people about their entitlements as victims and, wherever appropriate provide immediate emotional support to vulnerable people.

    The new website provides factual information about what happens after a crime and what help victims can expect, as well as information on Restorative Justice and how victims of crime can go about claiming compensation. There is also a function which allows people to search for the services available in their local area.
    Tel: 0808 168 9293 Web:
  • Victim Support: Trained volunteers give emotional support and practical advice and can accompany victims to police stations and court if needed and help with application for compensation.
    0808 168 9111 Web:
  • SupportLine: Details of rape crisis centres and other services for victims of rape or sexual assault across the UK.
    01708 765200 Email:

Useful websites

    A website which provides easy access to information for child and adult survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse on all aspects of this complex area of law.
  • - click Clinic Directory
    Website for British Assoc. for Sexual Health & HIV – directory of clinics throughout UK
    Step by step advice for going to court.
    Specialist police units providing help for anyone who has been raped, sexually assaulted with details of Sapphire Units across the London/S.E. areas covered by the Met.Police.
    Step by step guide for anyone who has, or knows someone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.
    Information on drink spiking and date rape drugs
  • – click on Health and Diseases Leaflets then P – for information and self help guide for post traumatic stress
  • – click on Medical Conditions, then mental health and select post traumatic stress from list for information and self help guide.

Organisations which provide support specifically for male victims of rape/sexual assault

(See also organisations listed under Victims of Rape and Sexual assault above, many of which provide help also for male victims)

  • Mankind UK: Male rape support and resource service for men who have been sexually abused, assaulted, raped. National UK charity based in East Sussex offering telephone helpline, counselling and support, one to one, groups and support for partners and families.
     01273 510447 Web:
  • Male Survivors London: Peer to peer support group for male survivors of child sexual abuse and rape.
  • Male Survivors Trust: Support and information to adult male survivors of child sexual abuse and adult rape, includes male survivors forum.
  • SafeLine: Helpline for male survivors of rape and sexual abuse 0808 800 5005 Web:
  • Survivors UK: Helps male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault/rape. Helpline is now delivered online, by text or by email only. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.30am to 9pm and weekends 10am to 6pm.
    Webchat can be accessed at
    Text chat by texting: 020 3322 1860 Email:
  • Victim Support Male Abuse Helpline: Helpline for male victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse.
    Tel: 0800 328 3623
  • SupportLine: Keeps details of other services providing help for male victims throughout the country.
    Tel: 01708 765200 Email:

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