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free professional Counselling, and support for young people facing emotional distress and difficulties with THEIR MENTAL health and wellbeing

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Q: What is soul soup?
A: Soul soup is a service that helps young people experiencing mental health issues or emotional challenges through counselling, support and activities.

Q: Will you tell our parents?
A: We will not tell your parents unless there is a danger to a life or something illegal

Q: What hours are you open?
A: Drop in times or a phone call

Q: Do I have to be a certain age?
A: 12/25

Q: Do I have to pay or is the service free?
A: The service is free

Q: What type of support do you give?
A: Drop in’s where you can talk to support staff, counsellors or peers. Counselling, therapy and many different activities. Social media, contact and text support and at certain times activities

Q: Will lots of people know that I am coming in?
A: No the service is confidential, we will only tell staff involved. You can tell who you want.

Q: Will I meet someone in there that one off my family members know and will they tell them I have been in?
A: If you were to meet a member off family or friends that are staff they are not allowed to tell anyone out side. All staff have had confidential training and everything is kept within the building. They sign confidentiality agreements. We take your privacy very seriously. You are also told how you must respect other people's confidentiality and we would expect that they kept yours. It's the same as if you were accessing a statutory body and you saw someone there.

Q: Is it long term support or short term support?
A: Short and long term support, we will work with you to look at your needs and goals

Q:Where are you located?
A: 109 Irish Street, Dumfries - Click here for a map

Q: Do you have a social media page?
A: Yes - Click here

Q: Where can I get more information before I come?
A: Here in the web site or call us or text, our text service should be live in May.

Q: If you can’t help me can you point me in the right direction to another service that can help meet my needs?
A: Yes, we are in contact with many organisations and we can help you access them.

Q: What support activities do you do?
A: We consult our users on the activities that you would like Soul Soup to deliver.

Q: Can I keep the same support therapist from the day I come in?
A: Yes, we would aim to do that unless the person had to leave but we would talk to you about moving on and working with someone else you were comfortable with.

Q: Can I just drop in if I am new person wanting to use the service or do I have to call and book in or fill in forms?
A: During drop in times is great, phone us, Facebook us and we will get in contact.

Q: If you feel that I need more help than you can provide and are concerned with my needs or if i have a health issue will you then contact my parents if i am under 16?
A: If you are in danger or an illegal issue has been raised we would have to share the information but would talk to you about this. If we felt you needed medical help that was not urgent we can refer you to CHAMS or help you talk to u your school or parents.

Q: Can you refer me to other services that can help me in my future once I have had counselling ?
A: Yes and you can always return.

Counselling & Support

Counselling is completely confidential so you can feel safe to come and talk about what is bothering you.

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Child Sexual Exploitation

The Lotus Project is a new project that is dedicated to tackling sexual exploitation in our region.

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Drop ins

Drop-ins are open to anyone aged 12 to 25 who would like to talk to a support worker.

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Social Media

You can contact us and find out more at our Facebook and Twitter sites.

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Get Involved

Find out what you can do to fundraise or volunteer for Soul Soup.

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Useful Info

Here you can find useful documents and information on a variety of subjects.

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