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free professional Counselling, and support for young people facing emotional distress and difficulties with THEIR MENTAL health and wellbeing

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About us


Young people         Well actually it’s all about you !!!!

We are a service set up for people between the ages of 12-25 who live in Dumfries and surrounding areas. We listen and help you find ways to work through difficult times, we are very approachable and we would not make any judgement about you. We have worked with all different types of people with many different stories and we are all trained professionally to be able to really listen to you. We offer counselling, support, drop-ins and activities

This is a free service if you are aged 12 to 25.

Our counsellors work with you at vital times in your lives. Counselling is not offering advice or giving answers. It is about helping you in a safe, supportive environment to find your own answers, to enable you to live more fulfilling lives, have healthy relationships and build resilience to take on the future.

Because we truly want to help and see who you are and hear your stories all our counsellors undertake ongoing professional development training. They receive monthly supervision, follow Safeguarding policies and they follow to The COSCA and BACP standards (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.) This means you know we are trained and suitably qualified.


You might not want or need counselling so we provide a support service if you need advice on any emotional matters affecting you or someone you know.

What We Believe:

Soul Soup visions a future:

  • Where young people are mentally healthy and resilient; 
  • Where they are fully included in society and have the same chance to succeed; and 
  • Where suicide amongst young people, and stigma around mental health are a thing of the past.

We want to help ensure that all Children and Young People in Dumfries and Galloway

  • Are given respect and are valued within our society no matter who they are.
  • Are allowed to make their own decisions and have a say in what happens in their lives.
  • Are able to live lives that are rewarding and where they feel happy and safe.

Our Promise to our young people

We will always keep what you tell us confidential and we will respect your rights to this unless you are in danger or someone else is.

  • We will be honest with you and we will try to earn your confidence
  • We will help you explore your choices when we can and respect your decisions.
  • We hope you will tell us what you want from life and we will try to help you get there.


Counselling & Support

Counselling is completely confidential so you can feel safe to come and talk about what is bothering you.

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Child Sexual Exploitation

The Lotus Project is a new project that is dedicated to tackling sexual exploitation in our region.

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Drop ins

Drop-ins are open to anyone aged 12 to 25 who would like to talk to a support worker.

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Social Media

You can contact us and find out more at our Facebook and Twitter sites.

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Get Involved

Find out what you can do to fundraise or volunteer for Soul Soup.

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Useful Info

Here you can find useful documents and information on a variety of subjects.

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Soul Soup is a Scottish registered charity No. SC045304

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